Putnam Stable Value Fund

We offer a stable value fund as an option for principal stability and attractive income opportunities.

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A conservative style focused on liquidity management


The fund seeks to maintain the stability of a money market fund while offering returns similar to those of intermediate-term bonds.


The strategy can pursue income with improved interest-rate tracking over time by consistently reinvesting without having to realize gains and losses.


The portfolio's flexibility offers workplace retirement plans increased potential to meet participant and sponsor needs.

Diversified portfolio structure reduces liquidity risk

Putnam Stable Value Fund combines four key components in a withdrawal hierarchy for managing liquidity.

Cash buffer: Minimum cash requirement of 5%

Traditional GICs: Laddered across maturities and diversified among several issuers

Synthetic structured cash flow portfolio: Part of the fund's liquidity structure, managed to the Bloomberg 1-5 year Government/Credit Index

Synthetic actively managed portfolio: Managed exclusively for total return against the Bloomberg Intermediate U.S. Aggregate Index

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