How to establish a CIT

Operational best practices

As part of Putnam’s commitment to helping plan sponsors and participants reach their retirement plan goals, below describes the process for setting up a CIT in a qualified retirement plan. Also review our frequently asked questions.

Establishing a Participation Agreement

Collective investment trusts require an agreement between the Trust Company and the plan’s fiduciary prior to investment. The agreement outlines plan eligibility requirements, fees, and obligations applicable to investing in Putnam’s CIT. When a sponsor executes a Participation Agreement (PA), they incorporate the terms and conditions of the Declaration of Trust into their own Plan Document.

When to contact Putnam

When you confirm the Plan Fiduciary is ready to execute a PA, contact Putnam to obtain a request form. Use the address The Putnam Operations team will provide you with a request form. Putnam requires this step so we can review and determine that the plan is eligible to invest in our CIT CUSIPs, and to gather all the appropriate information that is required to be in the agreement.

Upon receipt of the completed request form, we typically can draft a PA for the plan’s review within one to two business days. We ask to receive the executed PA 10 days before the plan’s initial funding date.

Checklist for setting up a CIT


Request a Participation Agreement (PA) form by emailing


Submit a completed request form at least 10 days before the plan’s initial funding date


Review the draft PA (received from Putnam within 1–2 business days after form is submitted) and important disclosure documents*


Confirm CUSIPs*


Establish trading account

Contact us with questions

Putnam offers CITs in a variety of investment strategies and asset classes, including Putnam Stable Value Fund, Putnam Retirement Advantage Trust target-date strategies, and in equities, Large Cap Value, Large Cap Growth, and Small Cap Growth.

Any questions regarding the request form or PA can be directed to Putnam Operations by calling 1-800-648-7410 or sending an email to

For questions about disclosure materials, including a Declaration of Trust, Offering Statement, or Certification Letter, refer to operational FAQs.