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A debt limit primer: What your clients need to know now

For the 10th time in 13 years, the United States finds itself waiting for Congress and the White House to hammer out an agreement to raise or suspend the debt ceiling as the government inches toward a potential default. For clients who may be feeling unsettled, here’s a look at some debt limit basics that put the current situation in context. Read Post

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A debt limit primer: What your clients need to know now

Prospecting to women

Women have increasingly gained control over household spending, investing, and many aspects of financial decision-making. At the same time, they are responsible for up to 85% of all consumer purchases and make up about half of the workforce.

Learn how to reach this fast-growing market

Retirement planning

Investor education

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Financial planning experts Bill Cass and Chris Hennessey offer weekly insights to help your clients with complex financial matters.

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Generating client referrals

The art of referrals

According to Hubspot, 90% of people trust suggestions from family and friends. Furthermore, 70% of people trust online consumer reviews. In this presentation learn the psychology of referrals and how to source them in three key areas of your business: digital reviews, traditional referrals from existing clients, and mutual referrals from strategic partners.

Don Connelly

Learn the art of advising clients from a seasoned veteran Don Connelly, Founder and CEO, Don Connelly and Associates, LLC.

Image of Don Connelly

Don and Putnam Investments have teamed up to offer this unique set of practice management insights to help you communicate more effectively with your clients and make your business stand out from the competition.

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