Putnam PanAgora Funds

Subadvised by PanAgora Asset Management, these funds provide choices for portfolio core holdings and diversifiers. They are managed with PanAgora's systematic, rules-based strategies that seek to exploit fundamental investment insights using cutting-edge quantitative techniques.

Consider the funds to fill key roles in a long-term portfolio
Core holding
Dampen volatility
Bear market protection
PPFYX Putnam PanAgora Managed Futures Strategy    
PPMYX Putnam PanAgora Market Neutral Fund    
PPRYX Putnam PanAgora Risk Parity Fund    

A premier provider of research-driven investment solutions

Founded in 1989 and headquartered in Boston, PanAgora serves global institutions, public and private retirement funds, sovereign wealth funds, endowments and foundations, and sub-advisory partners.

Quantitative methods designed to pursue fundamental insight

PanAgora manages portfolios using sophisticated quantitative techniques that incorporate vast amounts of market information in order to capitalize on the firm's fundamental research insights. Innovative research is a key ingredient in differentiating the firm's results. The investment teams are committed to fully understanding the underlying factors that influence a security's performance, including company operations, investor behavior, and macroeconomic signals.

"As a firm, we love conducting original, practical research and applying the insights to our client portfolios."

ERIC SORENSEN, Ph.D., PanAgora President and Chief Executive Officer

A systematic approach to management

PanAgora invests with the philosophy that capital markets are not perfectly efficient and instead offer attractive opportunities for investors who pursue disciplined, systematic strategies. A pioneer in innovative portfolio construction techniques, PanAgora has implemented risk-budgeting across and within asset classes for over a decade, becoming a recognized industry leader. Its goal remains to generate more attractive risk-adjusted returns on a persistent basis.

Blending creativity with innovative investment research

Organized in Equity and Multi-Asset teams, PanAgora's investment professionals think creatively to develop unique investment strategies and techniques. Team members hold 50 advanced academic degrees, including 11 Ph.D.s and one M.D., and most are engaged in original research, applying fundamental intuition to unlock investment opportunities. With diverse yet complementary backgrounds, team members collaborate to compound the value of research insights.


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INCREASED $35 BILLION since December 31, 2009

  • Active equity strategies
  • Alternative strategies
  • Asset allocation and customized mandates
  • $34.6B
  • $14.7B
  • $2.7B

Source: eVestment. All data is as of September 30, 2018

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