ESG integration at Putnam

At Putnam, we believe a sustainable global economy is essential to the creation of long-term value. To our way of thinking, transparent and reliable information on all types of material investment topics benefits our clients and shareholders. We believe attention to relevant environmental, social, and governance (ESG) information can contribute to the fulfillment of our fiduciary duty. We consider relevant factors for investments we make within the operating context of the company or issuer. Through this type of integrated research, we expect to continue to provide value for our clients. We believe integrated, long-term research with ESG analysis has the potential to mitigate risk and to augment returns, or in other words, outperform market averages, although there can be no guarantee of results.

ESG integration in our investment group

"Investing through the lens of environmental, social, and governance factors is redefining what asset management can accomplish."

— Robert L. Reynolds, President and CEO, Putnam Investments

Leadership network

Over the past five years, we have built a strong foundation in developing dedicated sustainable investing products. This involved integrating ESG analysis into our processes; expanding communication, education, and business development; and making progress in our corporate sustainability priorities.

In May 2017, Putnam formed the Sustainable Equity team and appointed Katherine Collins, CFA, MTS, to the newly created role of Head of Sustainable Investing. Katherine is responsible for leading Putnam's investment research, strategy implementation, and thought leadership on ESG issues.

In 2021, Catherine Saunders became Putnam's Head of Corporate Sustainability and Public Policy. Cathy advocates for Putnam stakeholders and drives innovation around environmental, social, and governance issues and public policy impacting Putnam's mission. She also leads Putnam's Corporate Sustainability Committee.

In 2022, Putnam formed a new unit focused on sustainability strategy and named Jacquelyn VanderBrug as Head of Sustainability Strategy. Jackie chairs Putnam's ESG Leadership Committee and oversees publication of Putnam's Engagement and Stewardship Report. She represents our approach to ESG integration, engagement, and stewardship to clients and partners. Jackie also collaborates with Great-West and other affiliates to develop engagement and stewardship strategies.