Alexa: Help me find a financial advisor

Soon, investors looking for services and products may rely more on voice assistants than typing a query on a keyboard.

In fact, it is estimated that by 2020, 30% of all web browsing will be done without a screen (Gartner). Consequently, it’s becoming increasingly important for advisors to ensure they are on Alexa’s radar.

Staying ahead of the trend is important for advisors to remain competitive. Consider reviewing your web presence and make changes that will better position your business for search. To remain in the forefront of search engines, advisors need to update and optimize their connections across different websites and social media channels.

Staying connected

Voice assistants search for and retrieve data from public, online sources.

Here are some steps to update your brand and increase visibility:

  • Ensure that your brand is updated and fresh.
  • When crafting your message, look beyond the basics and be sure to include honors and awards, and special skills and knowledge such as speaking multiple languages.
  • Consider adding timely content such as commentary, videos, interactive features, and infographics.
  • Include complete contact information.
  • Ask web developers to add structured data mark-up to the website code so it will appeal further to search engines.
  • Make sure your information is linked from a prominent page and consider also linking from reputable third-party websites. The quantity and quality of links that point to your site or page is important for search results.
  • Don’t forget to ask new clients or prospects how they heard about your site. This data can help drive your communication strategy going forward.

Advisors may also want to consider paid search for immediate visibility. To understand the differences between paid, organic, and local searches, read our tech tip.


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