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Advisor-only Webcast | Demonstrating results in sustainable investing | March 18, 2021

"Now more than ever, we believe that sustainable companies could also prove to be more resilient and beneficial than others over the long term."

— Katherine Collins, CFA, MTS, Head of Sustainable Investing

See how ESG is integrated at Putnam.

Read more about how the Sustainable Investing team seeks alpha. Their research is key to discovering actionable insights that drive their investment decisions.

The active edge in sustainable investing

Investing to thrive

Sustainability and impact report:
A dialogue with investors

What is sustainable investing?

Sustainable investing aims to identify companies that offer potential for strong financial returns while also demonstrating a commitment to sustainable business practices and positive impact. Sustainability is typically evaluated through analysis of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) policies, practices, and performance.

We believe an intense focus on sustainability has the potential to deliver returns to investors while also benefiting communities and the environment.

Katherine Collins,CFA, MTS, Head of Sustainable Investing

Environmental practices might include improving water quality or reducing carbon emissions. Social impact could involve fair labor practices and improvements in workplace equality and diversity. Governance issues relate to a company's leadership structures, board composition, and management incentives. As with any strategy investors should consider how these approaches might affect their overall investment plan.

We have resources for your client conversations (select a starting point):

ESG basics for your clients

What is sustainable investing?

Save this document for the fundamentals of what ESG is and is not.

Putnam's integrated approach

Investing in companies improving our world

Use this client-approved brochure to understand Putnam's investment philosophy and the funds we offer.

Putnam's impact report

Sustainability and impact report

Learn from this extensive survey how Putnam sustainable funds use ESG inputs, pursue impact, and develop new questions for future research.

Examples of sustainable business practices

Two portfolio options connecting companies to global priorities

Putnam Sustainable Leaders

Seeks companies that have demonstrated leadership in material sustainability issues.

Investing options:

Sustainable Leaders Fund

Sustainable Leaders ETF

Separately Managed Account

Putnam Sustainable Future

Seeks companies that are creating solutions to essential sustainability challenges.

Investing options:

Sustainable Future Fund

Sustainable Future ETF

Separately Managed Account

More about Sustainable investing at Putnam

Our commitment to clients is the foundation of all we do. Learn about our investment stewardship, strategy, how we have impact.

Strategy and examples (PDF) How we have impact (PDF) Engagement & Stewardship Report (PDF)

A research team with diverse skills

Our team has a unique, integrated process for understanding sustainability in the context of each company they research.

Katherine Collins, CFA, MTS, Head of Sustainable Investing

Experienced as an equity analyst, portfolio manager, and head of research at Fidelity, Katherine founded and led Honeybee Capital, a sustainable research firm, before joining Putnam in 2017.

Katherine Collins, CFA Head of Sustainable Investing
Stephanie Dobson, Portfolio Manager

Stephanie brings together experience in interpreting and applying ESG data with skills in fundamental analysis and valuation of companies.

Stephanie Dobson, Analyst
Shep Perkins, CFA, Chief Investment Officer, Equities

As CIO of Equities, Shep is responsible for providing strategic direction to Putnam's portfolio managers and equity analysts. He joined Putnam in 2011 and is Portfolio Manager of Putnam Sustainable Leaders Fund.

Shep Perkins, CFA, Co-Head of Equities
Alexander Rickson, CFA, Quantitative Analyst

Alex provides skills both in the interpretation of ESG data and its application to the processes of risk management and portfolio construction.

Alexander Rickson, CFA, Quantitative Analyst
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