April 2020

Sustainability and impact report

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Section 3

Investment themes and impact assessment

In this section, we aim to illustrate the connections between our investments and the real world. Many companies held in the portfolios are creating innovative products or services that have social and environmental benefits; here, we show how this product and company impact ties to broader themes. In some cases, these impacts link directly to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the most widely referenced global framework for tracking progress in sustainable development. Our research process is constantly seeking opportunities like these, where positive social and environmental impact is linked to positive financial performance.

One challenge for any point-in-time presentation of data is that it can freeze activity midstream. Writing about this phenomenon in the natural sciences, Goethe said, “The corpse is not the creature.” He was specifically referencing the study of butterflies, noting that you can measure every leg segment and model every wing shape, but if you’ve never seen them fly, you are missing the whole point.

Here, we aim to show our funds in flight.