David L. Glancy

Portfolio Manager

A 30-year investing veteran

Navigating a variety of market conditions since 1987, David Glancy has managed mutual funds and a hedge fund while building expertise across a wide range of security types, including high-yield debt, bank loans, and equities.

An unconstrained investor

As manager of Putnam Spectrum Funds, he pursues unconventional return opportunities, seeking to build portfolios that are differentiated from the broader market. He has the flexibility to invest outside the funds' benchmark indexes and hold large positions in his best ideas.

Building differentiated portfolios

David Glancy can concentrate assets in his best ideas and hold cash until he finds investments that meet his exacting standards. He can also short-sell securities that he believes are overvalued. As a result, his portfolios are often markedly different from traditional benchmark-oriented strategies.

Mr. Glancy is Portfolio Manager of Putnam Capital Spectrum Fund and Putnam Equity Spectrum Fund. He joined Putnam in 2009 and has been in the investment industry since 1987.

Funds managed

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Capital Spectrum Fund
Equity Spectrum Fund