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Choosing a fund for retirement savings can be easier than you think.

Target-date (TD) funds keep you on a path to retirement with automatic features. Find your TD fund quickly with this tool.

Putnam Retirement Advantage Trust

Based on your age and the year you might retire, Putnam Retirement Advantage Trust may be the most appropriate target-date fund in your plan. It includes stocks to help grow your savings and bonds for stability during market drawdowns. These assets are mixed in a proportion that's fitting for the number of years you have before retirement.

The fund's diversification adjusts over time

All Putnam target-date funds are diversified across stocks, bonds, and cash investments, across a variety of global markets, and across a variety of sectors. While diversification does not ensure the fund will never have negative results, it keeps your savings positioned in different opportuni­ties while not depending on any single type of investment to do well.

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