Expect more from retirement

Choosing a fund for retirement savings can be easier than you think.

Target-date (TD) funds keep you on a path to retirement with automatic features. Find your TD fund quickly with this tool.

Near the target date, the funds have lower risk

While you don't make any investment changes, the glide path ensures that your fund, Putnam Retirement Advantage Trust, shifts to favor less-volatile bonds over time. See how the funds near the retirement target-date have lower volatility than funds far from the retirement date.

Risk in the funds is measured by standard deviation, which is a historical gauge of how the investment return of a portfolio varies over time. This illustration shows the risk (standard deviation) of each fund — and notice how it is lower for the funds near the target date. Standard deviation measures how widely the set of investment returns varies from the average (or mean) return of the portfolio.

Total return performance of annual $10,000 investments in the S&P 500 Index, the Bloomberg U.S. Aggregate Bond Index, and a hypothetical portfolio of the two indexes that follows changes in Putnam's target-date glide path. You cannot invest directly in an index.