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Equity Research

We have developed a distinctive, team-based research culture to generate differentiated investment insights. Our research teams benefit from diverse perspectives and backgrounds, and our flat organization encourages collaboration and information flow among portfolio managers and research analysts.

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    Integrated insights

    Our research culture prizes collaboration. We encourage continuous formal and informal communication, teamwork, and active debate. Our team is talented, tenured, and diverse.

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    Sustainability and Impact Report

    Portfolio Managers Katherine Collins, CFA, MTS and Stephanie Dobson present their team's annual assessment of the positive impacts from the investment process and portfolio holdings of Putnam Sustainable Leaders strategy and Putnam Sustainable Future strategy.

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    A multidisciplinary approach to value investing

    Portfolio Managers Lauren DeMore, CFA and Darren Jaroch, CFA utilize a disciplined process for Putnam Large Cap Value strategy to target a wider array of alpha opportunities than many other U.S. value portfolios, with a strong overlay of risk control.

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    Investing in durable growth themes

    Portfolio Managers Richard Bodzy and Greg McCullough describe the Putnam Large Cap Growth Fund strategy and its emphasis on durable themes that can help drive growth for portfolio companies over a multiyear horizon.

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