Roth IRAs

A Putnam Roth IRA is a smart way for investors to help finance their retirement, with tax-free distribution of earnings for individuals age 59½ or older, provided their accounts have been open for at least five years. Roth IRAs offer a myriad of additional benefits, including tax advantages, estate planning opportunities, and portability.

Investors who could benefit

  • Individuals saving for retirement with AGI between $138k–$153k (single) or $218k–$228k (married, filing jointly).
  • Higher-income retirement investors for whom the traditional IRA does not offer tax-deductible contributions.
  • Retirement investors who expect to be in a higher tax bracket post-retirement.
  • Investors who are interested in leaving a tax-free financial legacy to their heirs.

Take advantage: Putnam Roth IRA

  • Tax-free growth (for qualifying withdrawals).
  • No requirement to begin withdrawals after age 73.
  • All withdrawals made after age 59½ are free from federal income taxes, as long as the account has been open for at least five years.
  • Roth IRAs offer investors the chance to diversify the tax treatment of their investments by providing a tax-free source of income in retirement.


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Withdrawals are subject to income tax, and those made before age 59½ may be subject to an additional 10% tax.