Consider help from a financial advisor

Putnam distributes its funds to investors through professional financial advisors. If you are considering a Putnam fund, contact an advisor in your area to ask about it.

If you have been investing on your own, Putnam urges you to consider the value of advice from a professional. An individual working alone might find it hard to develop the specialized knowledge and experience that help a financial plan succeed. For over 85 years, Putnam has recognized the benefits of advice for investors.

An advisor can be particularly helpful with several important aspects of long-term investing.

Defining and planning for financial goals, such as retirement.

Evaluating the level of risk appropriate for you.

Finding investments suitable to your goals and risk profile.

Reviewing your portfolio and informing you about the markets and opportunities.

Financial advisors can provide other essential ingredients for successful investing — a long-term perspective and confidence to follow through on your strategy, even in the face of challenges.

How to find an advisor

You can choose a financial advisor in much the same way you would choose any other service professional.

  • Gather information and recommendations from family, friends, or colleagues. If you have an attorney or an accountant, ask them to refer you to trusted financial advisors in your area.
  • Determine your objectives, and whether you need advice in any specialized areas, such as unusual tax situations or estate planning.
  • Interview candidates, looking for someone you can trust and feel comfortable working with given the sensitivity of personal financial information and the long-term nature of financial planning.
  • Research the professional credentials and registrations of advisors you consider, and make sure they offer the range of services you'll need.

The perspective of a trained, experienced, and dedicated financial advisor can be crucial to developing and executing a successful long-term financial strategy.