Advisors: Jump into Instagram with these 10 accounts to follow

With 800 million monthly active users, Instagram is now a major player in social media.

According to the Putnam Social Advisor Survey (2017), almost 40% of financial advisors have taken to Instagram for business purposes. This represents a steady increase since 2013, when the percentage of advisors using Instagram for business was merely 10%.

Get started on Instagram by following these 10 accounts.

Cheddar is a video-focused content platform covering a range of topics from business, technology, and pop culture. With short, well-produced videos that can be viewed with the sound off, Cheddar makes good use of Instagram’s ability to inform and entertain.

The Financial Times posts many of its best charts and editorial cartoons on Instagram. The unique “FT style” comes through in its graphic content, keeping followers up to date on global business news.

Bloomberg offers multiple Instagram feeds, but Bloomberg Business is a go-to for market stats, political news, quick informative videos, and some stunning photography.

Forbes on Instagram covers travel, luxury real estate (castle for sale, anyone?), and business personalities. Its trademark motivational quotes provide a chance to stop and reflect while scrolling through your feed.

The World Economic Forum goes beyond the headlines to tell stories of global innovation. Its Instagram feed makes great use of video to communicate universally appealing ideas and concepts.

The Economist brings its pithy tone to its feed, focusing on a diverse collection of articles, observations, and graphics. If you have a pile of issues sitting unread, this Instagram account may motivate you to tackle a few articles.

Wall Street Journal subscribers may have trouble keeping up with all of its online and print content. This Instagram feed provides an easy way to stay up to date and discover new content you may have missed.

Market Watch gives us stats, charts, and graphs 24/7, using powerful visuals to illustrate numbers and trends.

Richard Branson is the ultimate social CEO. The Virgin Group founder’s feed communicates the tremendous energy and enthusiasm he brings to his multiple ventures, from soft drinks to space travel.

Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx, is a self-made billionaire. Get an inside glimpse of her home life and work life, as well as tips she has for entrepreneurs.


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