FundVisualizer’s Fund Explorer helps you discover new investment opportunities

If you haven’t tried FundVisualizer’s Fund Explorer, you’re missing out on one of the industry’s most unique, dynamic, and valuable ETF and mutual fund screeners that can help you discover new opportunities for your clients.

To explore the Morningstar universe of ETFs, mutual funds, and indexes, click Start from the home page or from the navigation icon at the top.

Entering a fund that you’re already familiar with, the Explorer will show you the top 20 performing similar funds, based on the same Morningstar share class and category of the fund you entered. Or simply enter a Morningstar category and the tool will return the top 20 performing funds in that category.

Your reference fund will be centered on the screen, and the similar funds on the periphery. While the default sort is by Performance (before sales charge) – 5Y, you can change that option on the upper right of the screen.

Click a fund to add it to a comparison, view its basic information, or to make it the new reference fund. Use the filters on the left to narrow your results even further.

Do you prefer a more traditional view of the same data? Use the toggle buttons at the top to display a bar chart, table, or go back to the bubble chart.

No matter how you get to your final result or which view you prefer, FundVisualizer’s Fund Explorer provides a better way to show your clients real investment opportunities that they may never have seen before. Use it for free now on your web browser, or as an iPad app.