Jo Anne Ferullo, CFA

Portfolio Manager, Director of Sustainable Investing

Ms. Ferullo is a Portfolio Manager on the Corporate and Tax-Exempt Credit team within Fixed Income, managing Putnam's Stable Value strategies. She is responsible for developing Putnam’s multi-sector and credit-focused retail and institutional strategies. Ms. Ferullo joined Putnam in 2010 and has been in the investment industry since 1989.

In addition, Ms. Ferullo coordinates the sustainable investing platform for the Fixed Income division. She drives the adoption of ESG investing initiatives, collaboration, and communication across the Fixed Income group. As a member of the ESG Leadership Committee, Ms. Ferullo coordinates ESG efforts with various business units across the firm.

Previously at Putnam, Ms. Ferullo served as a Senior Investment Director, Fixed Income, overseeing the product development efforts for the firm's fixed income strategies, including Putnam Ultra Short Duration Income Fund, Putnam’s U.S. High Yield and Tax-Exempt products and strategies, and numerous structured credit and multi-sector strategies.

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