Albert Chan,CFA

Head of Portfolio Construction

Mr. Chan is the Head of Portfolio Construction in the Fixed Income group. He is a Portfolio Manager of Putnam Diversified Income Trust, Putnam Global Income Trust, Putnam Fixed Income Absolute Return Fund, Putnam Premier Income Trust, Putnam Master Intermediate Income Trust, and Putnam Short Duration Bond Fund. In addition, Mr. Chan oversees Putnam's fixed-income Quantitative Modeling team and co-leads the Volatility Analysis team. He is responsible for Putnam's term-structure strategies, including interest-rate and FX trading implementation, as well as quantitative modeling. He directs the teams' efforts in researching market and macroeconomic data, building quantitative models, recommending broad positioning and portfolio construction ideas, and providing oversight and monitoring of portfolio implementation. Previously at Putnam, Mr. Chan served on the Investment-Grade Corporate, High-Yield Corporate, and Global Term Structure teams, including positions as an Analyst and a Portfolio Construction Specialist. Mr. Chan has been in the investment industry since he joined Putnam in 2002.

Products managed

Fact sheet Annual Semi-annual Compare
Diversified Income Trust
5-year Morningstar RatingTM among 283 funds in the Nontraditional Bond category.
Fixed Income Absolute Return Fund
Global Income Trust
Overall Morningstar RatingTM among 185 funds in the World Bond category.
10-year Morningstar RatingTM among 126 funds in the World Bond category.
5-year Morningstar RatingTM among 170 funds in the World Bond category.
Short Duration Bond Fund
Overall Morningstar RatingTM among 518 funds in the Short-Term Bond category.
5-year Morningstar RatingTM among 462 funds in the Short-Term Bond category.