Our Sustainable Equity team

Katherine Collins, CFA, MTS, is an industry veteran in sustainable investing guided by a belief in fundamental relevance of ESG issues at a security level, and the potential for alpha generation and risk mitigation at a portfolio level. Under Katherine’s leadership, a research team with diverse skills, identifies companies whose excellence in relevant sustainability issues is driving potential long-term outperformance.

Get to know our team.

Katherine Collins, CFA, MTS, Head of Sustainable Investing

Experienced as an equity analyst, portfolio manager, and head of research at Fidelity, Katherine founded and led Honeybee Capital, a sustainable research firm, before joining Putnam in 2017.

Years in the industry: 33
Years at Putnam: 6

Stephanie Dobson, Portfolio Manager

Stephanie brings together experience in interpreting and applying ESG data with skills in fundamental analysis and valuation of companies.

Years in the industry: 12
Years at Putnam: 6

Shep Perkins

Shep Perkins, CFA, Chief Investment Officer, Equities

As CIO of Equities, Shep is responsible for providing strategic direction to Putnam's portfolio managers and equity analysts.

Years in the industry: 30
Years at Putnam: 12

Alexander Rickson

Alexander Rickson, CFA, Portfolio Manager, Quantitative Analyst

Alex provides skills both in the interpretation of ESG data and its application to the processes of risk management and portfolio construction.

Years in the industry: 23
Years at Putnam: 21

Samuel Alpert

Samuel Alpert, Analyst

Sam is an equity analyst focused on sustainable investing and health care, responsible for conducting valuation of companies and making buy/sell recommendations.

Years in the industry: 5
Years at Putnam: 5

Devin Ahearn

Devin Ahearn, Analyst

Devin is an equity analyst focused on fundamental and thematic research and on making buy/sell recommendations for e-commerce companies.

Years in the industry: 4
Years at Putnam: 4

Mary Catherine Landy

Mary Catherine Landy, ESG Integration Analyst

Mary Catherine focuses on issuer and regulatory analysis and corporate engagement project management, performing research on investment themes to complement fundamental analysis.

Years in the industry: 2
Years at Putnam: 2

Michel Boulos

Michel Boulos, CFA, CAIA, Senior Investment Director

A member of the Global Investment Strategies group, Michel is responsible for product positioning and competitive analysis.

Years in the industry: 21
Years at Putnam: 2