Putnam 529 for America

We can't imagine all they will accomplish.
But we can get them off to a strong start.

Age-based portfolios

These portfolios are actively managed and adjust over time, becoming more conservative as your child approaches college age.

The year in which the child was born determines how contributions are allocated. As the child gets older, the mix of investments shifts from one composed primarily of stock funds, which offer the greatest growth potential over time but also carry the greatest near-term risk, to one with more fixed-income funds and money market funds, which offer lower potential returns in exchange for reduced risk.

The portfolios are reallocated quarterly.

Asset allocations shown are target allocations. Actual allocations may vary.

The age-based and goal-based options invest across four broad asset categories: short-term investments, fixed-income investments, U.S. equity investments, and non-U.S. equity investments. Within these categories, investments are spread over a range of asset allocation portfolios that concentrate on different asset classes or reflect different styles.

Each age-based portfolio has a different target date, which is based on the year in which the beneficiary of an account was born. The principal value of the funds is not guaranteed at any time, including age-based portfolios closest to the college age.