George Putnam Balanced fund

A prudent balance of stocks and bonds since 1937

This fund has a Overall Morningstar Rating

out of 688 funds in the Allocation--50% to 70% Equity category as of 04/30/19

George Putnam Balanced Fund was introduced in 1937, at a time when many investors considered the stock market to be risky. Named for the founder of Putnam Investments, the fund offered an innovative concept for the time — a diversified portfolio with bonds to balance the risk of stocks.

The fund’s classic balanced approach continues to serve investors today, under the leadership of seasoned portfolio managers who use fundamental research to find opportunities and manage risk.

“The fund’s diversification and balanced approach are designed to moderate volatility for investors.”

Kathryn B. Lakin, Director of Equity Research

How Sharpe ratio incorporates risk

The Sharpe ratio compares a portfolio's return (minus the risk-free T-bill return) with its volatility, or standard deviation.

George Putnam Balanced Fund has a higher Sharpe ratio than its category over many periods. Analyze its risk-adjusted performance in FundVisualizer.

Portfolio management team

The fund’s typical allocation is 60% stocks and 40% bonds.

In managing the stock portion of the portfolio, Kate Lakin works with a team of equity research analysts. The team pursues a risk-aware strategy and invests in stocks across all sectors that may have value or growth characteristics.

For the fund’s fixed-income investments, Paul Scanlon and Emily Shanks assemble a mix of government and investment-grade bonds. Historically, government bonds have shown relatively low correlation with stocks, which can help to dampen the impact of stock market downturns on fund performance.

Kathryn B. Lakin
Portfolio Manager
Director of Equity Research

Ms. Lakin is Director of Equity Research. She is responsible for managing a team of analysts, associates, and interns covering multiple sectors. She joined Putnam in 2012 and has been in the investment industry since 2008.

Kathryn B. Lakin, Portfolio Manager, Director of Equity Research
Paul D. Scanlon, CFA
Portfolio Manager
Co-Head of Fixed Income

Mr. Scanlon is a Co-Head of Fixed Income. He is responsible for managing all facets of the corporate credit investment process and overseeing Putnam’s tax-exempt team. He joined Putnam in 1999 and has been in the investment industry since 1986.

Paul D. Scanlon, CFA, Co-Head of Fixed Income, Portfolio Manager
Emily E. Shanks
Portfolio Manager

Ms. Shanks is experienced in conducting fundamental analysis of high-yield and investment-grade corporate-bond issuers in the retail and services sector, and making buy/sell recommendations. She joined Putnam in 2012 and has been in the investment industry since 1999.

Emily E. Shanks, Portfolio Manager
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