The team’s research examines a variety of financially material investment topics for intermediaries and investors, while Putnam’s corporate reports provide transparency about our ESG, engagement, and stewardship policies.

Sustainable Equity team research

Sustainability and impact report

Putnam Sustainable Equity: Sustainability and impact report

We are pleased to share our annual description of Putnam’s Sustainable Equity process, which includes analysis of key sustainability metrics for Putnam Sustainable Leaders and Putnam Sustainable Future. These reports describe how we aim to generate excellent financial performance through a focus on investment-relevant sustainability leadership and solutions.

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Toward a circular economy: Investments for a Thriving Planet®

Toward a circular economy: Investments for a Thriving Planet®

The global economy currently demands more of Earth’s resources than the planet can sustain. The concept of the circular economy has emerged to inform development of solutions that maximize the effective use of resources and minimize waste.

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Mental Health – Insights and investment implications

Mental health: Insights and potential investment implications

The Covid-19 pandemic has put a spotlight on issues related to mental health. Although it is too soon to draw conclusions, we believe several clear trends emerged during the pandemic — some worrisome, some promising. Our report explores these developments and the potential implications for investors.

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Racial justice

Toward racial justice: Markers of corporate leadership in the United States

Addressing a topic made more visible by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and the 2020 public protests over the killings of Breanna Taylor and George Floyd, we analyze corporate efforts toward racial justice within our sustainable investing framework. Our report explores the past, present, and future of corporate leadership and the potential implications for investors.

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Putnam policies and reports

Investing to thrive

Climate-Related Risk and Opportunity Report

Climate risk and environmental management are key focus areas for Putnam as these issues present increasingly notable risks and important opportunities for businesses and investors.

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Engagement and Stewardship report

Engagement and Stewardship Report

We believe engagement is most effective when conducted directly, privately, and consistently over time. Therefore, our top engagement themes are relatively consistent from year to year, and we address them with nuance and care.

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