Putnam Allstate Advisor Preferred

Putnam Government Money Market Subaccount

The subaccount seeks as high a rate of current income as Putnam Management believes is consistent with preservation of capital and maintenance of liquidity.

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Fund Description

Prior to April 30, 2016, the fund was known as Putnam Money Market Subaccount.

With an emphasis on high-quality, short-term fixed-income securities, this subaccount seeks to protect principal by attempting to maintain a constant $1.00 share price while providing shareholders with easy access to their money.

Sales Story

Pursuing income while preserving capital with short-term investmentsCapital preservation: The fund invests in highly rated money market instruments to maintain a stable net asset value and protect investors' wealth.Attractive income: The portfolio managers use credit research to select a diverse portfolio of securities that offer above-average yields.Leading research: The managers, supported by Putnam's fixed-income research division, manage risk by analyzing individual securities and overall market conditions.

Management team

Daily Pricing as of 05/23/16

with optional enhanced death benefits
Unit Value $9.763747 $9.527247
Unit Value Change -0.001329 -0.001416

‡ Lipper Ranking as of 04/30/16

Category: Money Market Funds

  Percentile ranking Rank/Funds in category
10 yrs. 50% 36/72
1 yr. 52% 41/79
3 yrs. 40% 31/78
5 yrs. 47% 36/77

Capital gains, if any, are taxable for federal, and in most cases, state purposes. For some investors, investment income may be subject to the federal alternative minimum tax. Income from federally exempt funds may be subject to state and local taxes. Withdrawals prior to age 59 1/2 may be subject to a 10% IRS penalty.

Credit qualities are shown as a percentage of portfolio value. A bond rated P-1 for Moody's, A-1 for Standard & Poor's, or F1 for Fitch or, if unrated, deemed to be of comparable quality by Putnam, is considered a Tier 1 security under SEC rules. Ratings vary over time. The fund itself has not been rated by an independent rating agency.

You can lose money by investing in a fund. Any given fund may not achieve its goal, and is not intended as a complete investment program. All funds have risk. The value and/or returns of a portfolio will fluctuate with market conditions. You may have more or less than the original amount invested when you redeem your shares.

‡ Lipper is an industry research firm whose rankings are based on total return performance, vary over time, and do not reflect the effects of sales charges. Past performance is not indicative of future results.