George D. Mussalli, CFA

Head of Equity Research and Chief Investment Officer, Equity Investments

Mr. Mussalli is the Head of Equity Research and Chief Investment Officer of Equity Investments at PanAgora Asset Management. He directs the innovative equity research used in the development of models implemented in PanAgora's equity strategies. Mr. Mussalli also oversees the firm's Dynamic and Stock Selector Equity strategies and Equity Trading & Implementation, Data Science, and Portfolio Strategy teams. He is a member of PanAgora's Investment, Operating, Risk, Sustainability, and Directors' Committees. In addition, Mr. Mussalli is a portfolio manager of Putnam PanAgora ESG Emerging Markets Equity ETF and Putnam PanAgora ESG International Equity ETF. He joined PanAgora in 2004 and has been in the investment industry since 1995. Previously at PanAgora, Mr. Mussalli was Head of PanAgora’s Stock Selector strategies. His work combined fundamental insights with sophisticated quantitative techniques to design proprietary models that analyzed companies across many dimensions. In addition to managing PanAgora's Stock Selector strategies, he contributed significantly to the proprietary pool of equity research being leveraged across the firm.


Putnam PanAgora ESG Emerging Markets Equity ETF
Putnam PanAgora ESG International Equity ETF

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