Garrett L. Hamilton,CFA

Portfolio Manager

Mr. Hamilton is a Portfolio Manager in the Tax Exempt Fixed Income group. He is responsible for managing a number of Putnam's single-state municipal bond and tax-exempt income funds, including Putnam Short-Term Municipal Income Fund and Putnam Intermediate-Term Municipal Income Fund. He joined Putnam in 2016 and has been in the investment industry since 2006.

Funds managed

Fact sheet Annual Semi annual
California Tax Exempt Income Fund
Intermediate-Term Municipal Income Fund
Massachusetts Tax Exempt Income Fund
Overall Morningstar RatingTM among 44 funds in the Muni Massachusetts category.
5-year Morningstar RatingTM among 37 funds in the Muni Massachusetts category.
3-year Morningstar RatingTM among 44 funds in the Muni Massachusetts category.
Minnesota Tax Exempt Income Fund
New Jersey Tax Exempt Income Fund
New York Tax Exempt Income Fund
Ohio Tax Exempt Income Fund
Pennsylvania Tax Exempt Income Fund
Short-Term Municipal Income Fund
Strategic Intermediate Municipal Fund
Tax Exempt Income Fund
Tax-Free High Yield Fund

Closed End Funds

Managed Municipal Income Trust
Municipal Opportunities Trust

Blog posts

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The Fed helped the muni-bond market revive the muni-debt market as states and local governments grappled with revenue disruptions.

Tax-free muni strategies in a low-rate world


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