Global sector investing

Market sectors offer distinct characteristics that can help you build a portfolio that is well suited to your objectives. Putnam Global Sector Funds provide exposure to the world's market sectors, and feature active management and selection by experienced equity analysts who conduct in-depth security research.

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Putnam Global Consumer Fund (PGCOX)
Portfolio Manager: Walter D. Scully

To understand where this fund invests, simply take a look around you. Everything you eat, drink, wear, or play with is a consumer product. The fund’s managers target companies around the world — in industries such as retail, restaurants, automotive, and beverages — that can profit from consumer spending

Putnam Global Energy Fund (pgeax)
Portfolio Manager: Greg Kelly

This fund seeks to capitalize on the global demand for energy by investing in oil and gas companies, owners of drilling rigs and equipment, and providers of oil and gas supplies and services. Fund holdings may also include coal-mining companies and businesses that store and transport oil and gas.

Putnam Global Financials Fund (pgeax)
Portfolio Manager: Jacquelyne J. Cavanaugh and David Morgan

As it recovers from the global crisis of 2008 and adapts to new regulations, the financials sector offers a changing landscape of opportunities for investors. This fund has flexibility to pursue attractive stocks in the banking, insurance, real estate, credit card, and brokerage companies, and in both developed and emerging markets.

Putnam Global Health Care Fund (phstx)
Portfolio Manager: Isabel Buccellati and Kelsey Chen, Ph.D.

For nearly 30 years, this fund has invested in the growth potential of the health-care sector. Its holdings span the globe and a range of industries, including health-care service providers, pharmaceutical and biotech firms that are developing innovative drugs and treatments, and manufacturers of medical devices.

Putnam Global Industrials Fund (pgiax)
Portfolio Manager: Ferat Ongoren

From aerospace to infrastructure, this fund seeks companies that can profit from demand for industrial products and services including producers of aerospace and defense equipment, building products, electrical equipment, and machinery. Service providers may include civil engineering firms, commercial printers, and transportation.

Putnam Global Natural Resources Fund (eberx)
Portfolio Manager: Chris Eitzmann and Ryan Kauppila

For over 30 years, this fund has sought companies that may profit from the global demand for natural resources. The fund's diversification and global scope set it apart from many of its competitors. It targets a range of industries, including energy, metals and mining, paper, chemicals, and natural resources equipment and infrastructure companies.

Putnam Global Technology Fund (pgtax)
Portfolio Manager: Neil Desai and Di Yao

It is difficult to identify a segment of the economy that has not been profoundly influenced by technology. This fund seeks to capitalize on the growth potential of this sector, targeting areas such as computer hardware, software, storage, and security, and technology consulting and Internet services.

Putnam Global Telecommunications Fund (pgbzx)
Portfolio Manager: Vivek Gandhi, CFA

Telecommunications, defined as the transmission of information in words, sounds, or images, has experienced astounding advances over the years. This fund seeks to capitalize on the potential of this sector, targeting providers of telephone equipment and services, mobile Internet connectivity, high-speed Internet access, and fiber-optic cable networks.

Putnam Global Utilities Fund (pugix)
Portfolio Manager: Sheba M. Alexander, CFA

This fund seeks growth and income through investments in stocks and bonds in markets worldwide. The fund seeks a solid foundation of securities in stable-demand industries, such as electric power and natural gas, and may also invest in companies that generate alternative power, such as wind, solar, and hydropower.

Putnam Global Sector Fund (ppgax)
Portfolio Manager: Global Sector Team

The fund is composed of eight Putnam global sector funds, each of which is managed by focused, experienced global stock analysts who pursue fundamental research to develop an independent view of companies. The fund offers the benefits of active management for targeting opportunities across all sectors in the MSCI World Index (ND).