Putnam logos

Our logo is the primary identifier for the Putnam brand. It is important that we use it consistently in all marketing and other communications. The Putnam logo lockup consists of our logotype and scales symbols. These must always be used together and should not be altered.

Putnam's logo is available for download in several formats.
JPG is suitable for Microsoft Office applications and on-screen display.
EPS is an Illustrator vector file suitable for high-resolution printing.
PMS is provided specifically for spot-color printing, screen printing, specialty printing, and embroidery.

Primary logo
This version of our logo should be used in nearly all applications.

Download: JPG|EPS|PMS

This version should be used only when color reproduction is not possible.

Download: JPG|EPS

For a JPG file:
  • Select logo and click "JPG"
  • Larger image will appear
  • Right click (or control-click, for Mac) on the image
  • Select "Save image as...", or "Save picture as..."
  • Select location and you're done
For an EPS or a PMS file:
  • Select logo and click "EPS" or "PMS"
  • You will be prompted to save the file
  • Select location and you're done