Brett S. Goldstein,CFA

Portfolio Manager

Mr. Goldstein is a Portfolio Manager in the Global Asset Allocation (GAA) group. He is responsible for the research and implementation of risk and portfolio construction methods across GAA products. Mr. Goldstein also works extensively with retirement glide path research and GAA target-date funds. He is a Portfolio Manager of Putnam Dynamic Asset Allocation Funds (Growth, Balanced, and Conservative); Putnam Dynamic Risk Allocation Fund; Putnam Multi-Asset Absolute Return Fund; Putnam Retirement Advantage Funds; Putnam RetirementReady Funds; Putnam Total Return Fund; and Putnam 529 for America. Previously at Putnam, Mr. Goldstein served as an Analyst and an Investment Associate in the GAA group. He has been in the investment industry since he joined Putnam in 2010.

Funds managed

Fact sheet Annual Semi-annual Compare
Dynamic Asset Allocation Balanced Fund
Overall Morningstar RatingTM among 643 funds in the Allocation--50% to 70% Equity category.
10-year Morningstar RatingTM among 420 funds in the Allocation--50% to 70% Equity category.
Dynamic Asset Allocation Conservative Fund
Dynamic Asset Allocation Growth Fund
Overall Morningstar RatingTM among 304 funds in the Allocation--70% to 85% Equity category.
10-year Morningstar RatingTM among 193 funds in the Allocation--70% to 85% Equity category.
Dynamic Risk Allocation Fund
Multi-Asset Absolute Return Fund
10-year Morningstar RatingTM among 60 funds in the Multialternative category.
Retirement Advantage 2020 Trust
Retirement Advantage 2025 Trust
Retirement Advantage 2030 Trust
Retirement Advantage 2035 Trust
Retirement Advantage 2040 Trust
Retirement Advantage 2045 Trust
Retirement Advantage 2050 Trust
Retirement Advantage 2055 Trust
Retirement Advantage 2060 Trust
Retirement Advantage Maturity Trust
Retirement Advantage 2020 Fund
Retirement Advantage 2025 Fund
Retirement Advantage 2030 Fund
Retirement Advantage 2035 Fund
Retirement Advantage 2040 Fund
Retirement Advantage 2045 Fund
Retirement Advantage 2050 Fund
Retirement Advantage 2055 Fund
Retirement Advantage 2060 Fund
Retirement Advantage Maturity Fund
RetirementReady 2020 Fund
RetirementReady 2025 Fund
RetirementReady 2030 Fund
RetirementReady 2035 Fund
RetirementReady 2040 Fund
RetirementReady 2045 Fund
RetirementReady 2050 Fund
10-year Morningstar RatingTM among 77 funds in the Target-Date 2050 category.
RetirementReady 2055 Fund
RetirementReady 2060 Fund
RetirementReady Maturity Fund

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