We offer two portfolios that pursue capital appreciation through a sustainability focus. We seek companies where strong sustainability traits are contributing to strong financial performance.

Putnam Sustainable Leaders

The Sustainable Leaders portfolio invests in companies that have demonstrated leadership in the sustainability issues that are financially material to their businesses. We believe companies that exhibit this type of commitment also often demonstrate potential for strong long-term financial performance.

Investing options:

Sustainable Leaders ETF

Morningstar category: U.S. Fund Large Growth

Ticker: PLDR

Separately Managed Account

Putnam Sustainable Future

The Sustainable Future portfolio invests in companies whose products and services provide solutions to essential sustainability challenges. We believe solutions-oriented companies can also demonstrate potential for strong growth and long-term financial performance.

Investing options:

Sustainable Future ETF

Morningstar category: U.S. Fund Mid-Cap Growth

Ticker: PFUT

Separately Managed Account

Frequently Asked Questions | Sustainable Products

Why are there so many different names for Sustainable and ESG funds?

There can be differences in how funds with sustainable strategies apply ESG considerations in their investment process. A well-diversified portfolio can own funds that follow different approaches to sustainable and ESG strategies. As with other types of investments, it's important to consider portfolio construction principles such as diversification across multiple asset classes, investment styles, market capitalization size, sectors, and global markets. It can be helpful to work with a professional financial representative and a tax advisor to develop a thoughtful investment program.

What is Putnam's general approach to ESG principles in its business operations?

Putnam works to be a leader in implementing ESG best practices in our corporate policies and in upholding them in our daily business operations. We aim to earn the respect of our employees, business partners, and customers. Learn more about Corporate Sustainability at Putnam.