Putnam offers its investment expertise and products through partnerships with a number of the country's best-known insurance companies.

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The Hartford product line

The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. has protected individuals, businesses and families since 1810.


Putnam Allstate product line

Putnam Allstate Advisor variable annuities are issued by Allstate Life Insurance Company and underwritten by Allstate Distributors, L.L.C.

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Putnam Hartford Capital Manager variable annuities

The following Putnam Hartford Capital Manager variable annuities closed to new accounts on May, 2, 2005.

Existing account holders may continue to make deposits to their contracts.

Putnam Hartford Capital Manager
  |   Date of Sale: 02/01/88–09/01/88
  |   Date of Sale: 09/01/88–05/01/90
  |   Date of Sale: 05/01/90–05/01/92
  |   Date of Sale: 05/01/92–06/27/94
  |   Date of Sale: 06/27/94–05/01/99
  |   Date of Sale: 05/03/99–08/07/02
  |   Date of Sale: 08/08/02–05/30/03
  |   Date of Sale: 06/02/03–04/29/05

Putnam Hartford Capital Manager Outlook
  |   Date of Sale: 10/16/00–05/30/03
  |   Date of Sale: 06/02/03–04/29/05

Putnam Hartford Capital Manager Plus
  |   Date of Sale: 03/06/00–05/30/03
  |   Date of Sale: 06/02/03–04/29/05

Putnam Hartford Capital Manager Access
  |   Date of Sale: 08/03/98–05/30/03
  |   Date of Sale: 06/02/03–04/29/05

Hartford subaccounts Style Director M Capital Manager
Fixed Accumulation Feature Income
Putnam International Equity Subaccount Blend
Putnam International Growth Subaccount Growth
Putnam International Value Subaccount Value
Putnam Growth Opportunities Subaccount Growth
Putnam Capital Opportunities Subaccount Blend
Putnam Diversified Income Subaccount Income
Putnam Global Asset Allocation Subaccount Asset Allocation
Putnam High Yield Subaccount Income
Putnam Money Market Subaccount Income
Putnam Global Equity Subaccount Blend
Putnam Growth and Income Subaccount Value
Putnam Global Health Care Subaccount Global Sector
Putnam Investors Subaccount Blend
Putnam Multi-Cap Value Subaccount Value
George Putnam Balanced Fund Subaccount Asset Allocation
Putnam Small Cap Value Subaccount Value
Putnam Research Subaccount Blend
Putnam Voyager Subaccount Growth
Putnam Global Utilities Subaccount Global Sector
Putnam American Government Subaccount Income
Putnam Equity Income Subaccount Value
Putnam Multi-Cap Growth Subaccount Growth
Putnam Income Subaccount Income

Funds are ranked according to Overall Morningstar Risk. Fund placement is based on a standard scale. Relative risk between funds is not represented. For income funds, if other risk factors were considered, such as credit risk, interest-rate risk, or inflation risk, rankings on the ribbons would vary.

Variable annuities are long-term investments designed for retirement purposes. Putnam Hartford products are flexible-premium variable annuities issued by Hartford Life and Annuity Insurance Company, Simsbury, CT.

These policies have limitations and are sold by prospectus only. The prospectus contains details on the variable annuity, the subaccounts, contract features, fees, expenses, and other pertinent information.