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Tax Season 2020


Learn more and get 2020 tax resources, including information about capital gains for 2020, year-end tax estimates, tax rates for 2021, and more.

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Toys, cars, and the U.S. recovery

Putnam Perspectives

Toys, cars, and the U.S. recovery

We believe growth in the United States remains strong, but expectations need to be revised lower.

Treasury offers more details on tax proposals

Wealth Management Ideas

Treasury offers more details on tax proposals

Taxpayers receive more clarity on recent tax proposals from the Treasury.


2020 rankings in Barron's Best Fund Families
(published February 2021)

Ten years

#3 out of 44

Five years

#14 out of 50

One year

#22 out of 53

Refinitiv Lipper fund awards

Putnam International Value Fund

Best Fund in the International Large-Cap Value Fund category

(R6 shares/PIGWX among 33 funds over 5 years)

(Y shares/PNGYX among 29 funds over 10 years)

Equity Insights  |  June 1, 2021

How BDCs can help in changing equity markets

How BDCs can help in changing equity markets

Many features, including the potential for high yields, make BDCs a good counterweight to equity market volatility.

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Fixed Income Outlook  |  Capital Markets Outlook

Advisor Tech Tips

Prospecting recent retirees using LinkedIn

Prospecting recent retirees using LinkedIn

Advisors have a business-building opportunity to identify and support recent retirees by using LinkedIn searches.

Headlines you need to know this week   —   June 8, 2021

Investor trust on the rise
For the first time in more than a decade, the majority of investors surveyed recently said they trust that financial services firms are looking out for their best interests. The research focused largely on the financial advisory segment. The survey comprised affluent investors with more than $250,000 in investable assets and the near-affluent who earn more than $125,000 annually and are younger than age 45. The survey has included the question about trust since 2008.
Will the administration advance a new fiduciary rule?
The administration may advance proposals for a new, stricter fiduciary rule for retirement plan advisors and sponsors, according to a recent report citing retirement plan industry executives. The administration may also promote the inclusion of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investments in retirement plans.
Savers improved financial plans during pandemic
A recent survey found that one third of adults said they have improved their financial discipline during the pandemic. Most respondents said they expect their new habits of saving and budgeting will continue post-crisis. During the past year, 83% of respondents said they created, reviewed, or made changes to their financial plans. An additional 17% said they did not have a plan prior to the pandemic.

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