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Employer 401(k) matches can light up retirement savings

When an employer offers 401(k) matches, it can encourage workers to participate and save for retirement.

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From Here to Security is a new book about retirement savings by Putnam President and CEO Robert L. Reynolds.

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Headlines you need to know this week   —   February 21, 2018

Without a workplace plan, many workers do not save at all
Many workers who do not have access to workplace retirement savings, are not planning or saving. Pew Research found that making an informal guess about how much to save for retirement is more common among those without a plan (43%) than those with a plan (31%). Only 25% of those without a plan report having any retirement savings in other accounts such as an individual retirement account.
Couples less likely to talk about money as they get older
Although it is an important topic but most couples avoid talking about savings and investments, a new study found. While 63% of couples in their 20s report they talk about finances all or most of the time, that focus diminishes as couples get older. Just more than half (56%) of couples in their 30s and 48% of couples age 40 and older report they talk about finances most of the time.
Women are more worried than men about Social Security
A new study from LIMRA found that women pre-retirees are more worried about risk such as reductions in Social Security and Medicare benefits. Women expressed more concern about health-care costs, and believed they were more likley to need long-term care than men.

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