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Headlines you need to know this week   —   April 17, 2018

Can tech firms compete in robo advice space?
While some large technology companies recently began exploring offering digital financial advice, financial industry tracker Cerulli noted that advisors should not be concerned about the competition. One of the biggest obstacles for large tech companies is the demand for human advice. Digital advice users still prefer to have frequent discussions with human advisors, Cerulli said in its report.
Social media may distract from saving
While a recent study found that Millennials are saving more than previous generations, social media may be emerging as a distraction to saving. The study found that 41% of millennials set aside money each month for saving, which is about the same number of Boomers (42%), but more than Gen Xers (36%). At the same time, 57% of Millennials said they spent more money than planned to because of what they saw on social media feeds.
More retired Baby Boomers work in the gig economy
Many Baby Boomers are starting second careers and working into retirement. A 2017 Prudential Financial survey found that 31% of people working in the gig economy are age 56 and older. Of those, 34% reported that they are retired. Longevity and the need to supplement retirement income are among the drivers of this trend.

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