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Tax Season 2020


Learn more and get 2021 tax resources, including information about capital gains for 2021, year-end tax estimates, tax rates for 2021, and more.

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A look at leveraged loans and CLOs

Putnam Perspectives

A look at leveraged loans and CLOs

A recent Active Insights podcast features a discussion of leveraged loans, and collateralized loan obligations (CLOs).

Understanding gifting rules before the sunset

Wealth Management Ideas

Understanding gifting rules before the sunset

When the TCJA expires in 2025, the lifetime exclusion amount for gifting will be reduced, impacting gifting rules and decisions being made today.


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Equity Insights  |  June 1, 2022

Why a repeat of the “stagnant ‘70s” is unlikely

Why a repeat of the “stagnant ‘70s” is unlikely

Inflation is a challenge, but for many reasons we don't believe financial markets will experience a repeat of the stagnant 1970s.

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Fixed Income Outlook  |  Capital Markets Outlook

Advisor Tech Tips

For Gen Z, tech is money

For Gen Z, tech is money

For advisors, connecting with Gen Z presents a unique challenge and opportunity.

Headlines you need to know this week   —   June 28, 2022

Save early and save more, retirees advise
Most retirees (70%) in a recent survey said they would advise younger workers to start saving early and save more. According to the report, 49% said they wished they had planned earlier for retirement. Among those retirees who did not start working with an advisor until closer to retirement, 57% said they could have benefited from meeting with an advisor earlier in their career. Only 42% of respondents had a written financial plan. Among respondents who said they're paying different taxes than expected, 60% are paying more.
Proposed bill would allow rollovers from 529 plans
A new bill would allow rollovers of unused funds from 529 college savings plans without penalty. The College Savings Recovery Act, introduced by Senators Richard Bur and Bob Casey, would allow the rollover of 529 funds into Roth IRAs without a penalty. Under current law, families are penalized for withdrawing unused funds from 529 plans if their child does not go to college or completes their degree without using all the money. The penalty is 10% on the earnings portion of the funds.
Millennials cautious about finances
Having gone through several financial crises, Millennials are more cautious about their finances, according to a recent survey. In fact, 56% of Millennials reported they felt confident about protecting their finances in the event of another economic downturn. Other generations were not as confident, with 43% of Generation X and 33% of baby boomers noting they were confident. Most Millennials said they also felt confident about their retirement savings, and 83% noted they had a strategy in place to guard against market risk.

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