Unit values apply only to the specific annuity product listed, and should not be used by investors who hold an interest in Putnam Variable Trust funds through a different annuity or other variable product.

Money market funds are not insured or guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) or any other governmental agency. Although these funds seek to maintain a constant share price of $1.00, it is possible to lose money by investing in these funds.

For Putnam VT Growth and Income Fund, VT Growth Opportunities Fund, VT New Opportunities Fund and VT Voyager Fund, recent performance benefited from receipt of an Enron Class Action Settlement pertaining to investments made prior to 2002.

Data is historical. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. More recent returns may be less or more than those shown. Investment return and principal value will fluctuate, and you may have a gain or a loss when you sell your units.

Returns shown for the subaccounts for periods before their inception are derived from the historical performance of the underlying fund, adjusted to reflect the mortality, expense risk, and surrender charges applicable to this product and do not factor in the annual $30 contract maintenance fee. Additional riders and options for insurance-related charges will increase expenses and lower returns. Please see the prospectus for details. For a portion of the period, subaccounts may have limited expenses, without which returns would have been lower.

Variable annuities are long-term investments designed for retirement purposes. Putnam Capital Manager products are flexible-premium variable annuities held by Talcott Resolution Life, Inc., Simsbury, CT.

Putnam Allstate variable annuities are flexible-premium deferred variable annuities issued by Allstate Life Insurance Company (Allstate Life); underwritten by Allstate Distributors, L.L.C., both of Northbrook, IL; and sold through registered representatives or bank employees who are licensed insurance agents. Please check for availability in your specific state.

These policies have limitations and are sold by prospectus only. The prospectus contains details on the variable annuity, the subaccounts, contract features, fees, expenses, and other pertinent information.

For a prospectus containing this and other information for any variable annuity or variable life product that invests in Putnam Variable Trust funds, contact your financial advisor or the applicable insurance firm for a contract prospectus and prospectus for the underlying funds. You may call Talcott Resolution at 1-800-521-0538 or Allstate at 1-800-390-1277. Read the prospectuses carefully before investing. If you are a financial advisor, call the Putnam Client Engagement Center at 1-800-354-4000.

For the most recent month-end performance, please call Talcott Resolution at 1-800-521-0538 or Allstate at 1-800-390-1277.

  Prices as of (04/18/19)  Annualized Performance at Unit Value Prices as of (04/18/19) 
With Optional Enhanced Death Benefit
Annualized Performance at Unit Value
With Optional Enhanced Death Benefit
Unit Value Unit Value Change YTD
as of 04/18/19
Last Month 03/2019 Unit Value Unit Value Change YTD
as of 04/18/19
Last Month 03/2019
Putnam Small Cap Growth Subaccount (Allstate) $32.711791 N/A 20.43% 0.00% $31.928411 N/A 20.37% -0.01%
Putnam Mortgage Securities Subaccount (Allstate) $18.281829 N/A 3.79% 1.31% $17.756324 N/A 3.74% 1.30%
Putnam Growth Opportunities Subaccount (Allstate) $13.124474 N/A 19.45% 2.81% $12.747084 N/A 19.40% 2.79%
Putnam Sustainable Future Subaccount (Allstate) $36.863016 N/A 17.61% 1.23% $35.980214 N/A 17.56% 1.22%
Putnam International Equity Subaccount (Allstate) $16.385733 N/A 13.21% 0.21% $15.896275 N/A 13.16% 0.20%
Putnam Global Equity Subaccount (Allstate) $15.593893 N/A 15.38% 1.36% $15.12797 N/A 15.32% 1.35%
Putnam High Yield Subaccount (Allstate) $23.991912 N/A 8.20% 0.87% $23.275452 N/A 8.15% 0.86%
Putnam Global Health Care Subaccount (Allstate) $28.411625 N/A 1.98% 0.70% $27.562884 N/A 1.94% 0.68%
Putnam Global Asset Allocation Subaccount (Allstate) $20.569806 N/A 10.38% 0.71% $19.955431 N/A 10.33% 0.69%
Putnam Income Subaccount (Allstate) $19.906049 N/A 3.34% 2.00% $19.311486 N/A 3.29% 1.99%
Putnam Small Cap Value Subaccount (Allstate) $41.101094 N/A 18.97% -3.15% $39.873304 N/A 18.91% -3.16%
Putnam Research Subaccount (Allstate) $22.552071 N/A 16.94% 1.89% $21.878459 N/A 16.88% 1.87%
Putnam International Value Subaccount (Allstate) $14.840153 N/A 11.19% -0.52% $14.396842 N/A 11.14% -0.54%
Putnam International Growth Subaccount (Allstate) $16.619451 N/A 14.31% 0.72% $16.122973 N/A 14.26% 0.71%
Putnam Sustainable Leaders Subaccount (Allstate) $22.215152 N/A 19.79% 2.46% $21.551418 N/A 19.74% 2.44%
Putnam Multi-Cap Core Subaccount (Allstate) $17.43641 N/A 15.07% 0.30% $16.91556 N/A 15.02% 0.29%
Putnam Government Money Market Subaccount (Allstate) $10.618189 N/A 0.17% 0.05% $10.301063 N/A 0.12% 0.04%
Putnam Equity Income Subaccount (Allstate) $35.666061 N/A 15.08% 0.31% $34.811965 N/A 15.03% 0.30%
Putnam Global Utilities Subaccount (Allstate) $16.329075 N/A 8.49% 2.25% $15.841324 N/A 8.44% 2.24%
George Putnam Balanced Fund Subaccount (Allstate) $18.187152 N/A 11.84% 1.79% $17.643987 N/A 11.79% 1.78%
Fixed Account N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Putnam Diversified Income Subaccount (Allstate) $20.588416 N/A 4.81% 0.59% $19.973587 N/A 4.76% 0.58%