Grow your business using social media and technology

Your Putnam wholesaling team can work with you one-on-one in person, office wide, or via webinar to deliver technology training.

To sign up or learn more, contact your Putnam Wholesaler or call Putnam Dealer Marketing Services at 800-354-4000.

Training goals:

  • Introduce advisors to social media best practices and educate them on best ways to engage current clients and discover new prospects
  • Align the training program with your specific firm objectives for social media


  • The customizable presentation can be given both live and as an interactive webinar
  • The live presentation can either be a demo done on a laptop, pre-approved PowerPoint slides, or a combination of both

Topics covered:

Profile basics

  • Your professional photograph
  • Your headline and job title
  • Education and employment history

Best practices

  • Sending and responding to targeted messages
  • Privacy settings
  • Annual best practices to keep profiles fresh


  • Using advanced searches to identify potential clients
  • Finding referrals from current clients

Social presence

  • Posting content, liking content and retweeting
  • Adding interests and activities outside of work
  • Using and searching hashtags for targeted content
  • Financial Advisor Training
    • Our industry-leading social media and technology training helps advisors incorporate the latest prospecting, networking, and productivity tools into their practice.

    • Get Started with LinkedIn

      Learn how to build your business by establishing your network, prospecting for new clients, and making introductions.

      Get Started with Twitter

      Includes practical tips on daily routines and a glossary of Twitter terms.

      Going Mobile

      Must-have apps for every advisor, tablet and smartphone tips and tricks, client meeting technology, and a round up of the best news, note-taking, and lifestyle apps.

  • Client Seminars
    • Your Putnam representative can lead FINRA-approved client seminars in your office.

    • Growing Your Business with Social Media

      Actionable tips on how clients can use social media to build their business

      LinkedIn for the Youngest Professionals

      Invite clients and their teenage kids (and their friends) to learn about using LinkedIn to search for the right college, improve their chances at admission, and find an internship.

  • Literature
    • Optimizing your LinkedIn Profile

      Five actionable ways to elevate your profile on LinkedIn

      Social Media Playbook

      Applying best practices to your business daily, weekly, quarterly, and annually.

To sign up or learn more, contact your Putnam Wholesaler or call the Putnam Client Engagement Center at 800-354-4000.