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Putnam blogs are now Alexa enabled

Putnam Investments, 02/13/18

You can now use Amazon Alexa to discover the latest content and listen to our blogs with Putnam Investments Insights.

Getting started

  • If you don’t already have it, download the Alexa app on your smart device.
  • From the "skills” section of the app, search for "Putnam Investments."
  • Select the "Putnam Investments Insights" skill and enable it for your device.

Use Alexa to read our blogs

Begin by saying "Alexa, open Putnam Investments." Then, select a blog post by saying:
  • Read me the latest Perspectives post
  • Read me the latest Wealth Management post
  • Read me the latest Advisor Tech Tips post
For a more direct route, simply say "Alexa, ask Putnam Investments to read the latest from [blog name]."

Hear excerpts and titles from blogs

Putnam’s Alexa skill can also help you discover the newest content. Say "Alexa, ask Putnam Investments what's new" to hear the latest titles and excerpts from Putnam Perspectives, Wealth Management, and Advisor Tech Tips.

For excerpts from a specific blog, say "Alexa, ask Putnam Investments what's new from [blog name]."

Try our capability today.


310314 2/18

Putnam blogs are Alexa-enabled

Get started by saying “Alexa, ask Putnam Investments what’s new?” to hear latest headlines and full posts.

Amazon Alexa enabled
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