Templates for LinkedIn messaging

According to the most recent Putnam Social Advisor Survey, 7 in 10 financial advisors are using social media messaging to connect with new and existing clients. Among those who gained new clients in the first quarter of 2021, nearly half are using LinkedIn's messaging function to communicate with clients and prospects.

In our many conversations with advisors about social media, we have found five common scenarios for connecting on LinkedIn that can lead to valuable relationships. Try these invitation templates to capitalize on unique prospecting opportunities and spark new connections.

Scenario 1: A prospect experiencing a job change

Hi [FIRST NAME]. Congratulations on your new role at [COMPANY NAME]! While this can be an exciting time, job transitions also bring the need to make important decisions. I'd like to be a resource for you as you navigate this process, as I have been for others in [INDUSTRY NAME] industry. Let's connect on LinkedIn!

Scenario 2: A close connection of one of your best clients

Hi [FIRST NAME]. I've been working with [CURRENT CLIENT'S NAME] on their financial plan, and your name came up in conversation. I'd like to connect with you on LinkedIn to grow my professional network. I publish regular updates on the market and retirement saving ideas you may find compelling.

Scenario 3: A fellow alumnus

Hi [FIRST NAME]. I immediately noticed your profile on the [NAME OF SCHOOL] LinkedIn page. I'm always looking to get to know other alumni in our area, and your profile stands out. Let's connect on LinkedIn and continue to build a strong and productive alumni network!

Scenario 4: Someone with whom you have no connection or relationship

Hi [FIRST NAME]. I really enjoyed your recent [POST/TWEET/BLOG] on [TOPIC]. I'm looking to expand my network and learn from others active on social media like yourself. I hope we can connect and continue the conversation.

Scenario 5: A client's adult children or beneficiaries

Hi [FIRST NAME]. I have been working with your [RELATIVE] on financial matters for some years now, and I wanted to reach out here on LinkedIn to ensure that the first time we meet isn't at a time of high stress or emergency. Please reach out if I may be a resource to you!

As you're looking to expand your LinkedIn network, keep these three tips in mind:

  1. Make quality connections. Spend time each week strategically growing your network.
  2. Give a reason to connect. Start the relationship off right by making a compelling offer.
  3. Follow up, online or offline. Tailor your approach to each relationship, based on your prospect's preferences.

Partner with Putnam for social media training

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