Richard Tan, CFA

Managing Director, Head of Stock Selector Equity Investments

Mr. Tan is a Managing Director and Head of Stock Selector Equity Investments at PanAgora Asset Management. In this role, he is a key contributor to the innovative equity research used in the development of PanAgora’s Stock Selector models. Mr. Tan oversees the Stock Selector Equity team, conducts research to uncover new alpha sources, builds quantitative stock selection models, and manages portfolios within PanAgora's Stock Selector Equity strategies. In addition, Mr. Tan is a portfolio manager of Putnam PanAgora ESG Emerging Markets Equity ETF and Putnam PanAgora ESG International Equity ETF. He joined PanAgora in 2008 and has been in the investment industry since 1997.


Putnam PanAgora ESG Emerging Markets Equity ETF
Putnam PanAgora ESG International Equity ETF

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