Robert L. Davis, CFA

Portfolio Manager

Mr. Davis is a Portfolio Manager in the Fixed Income group, specializing in developed and emerging-market currencies. He is responsible for the analysis of market and macroeconomic data, development of quantitative models, and recommendations of global macro- and relative-value positions within foreign exchange markets. In addition, he oversees the portfolio construction process for institutional and retail accounts managed by Putnam's currency team. He is a Portfolio Manager of Putnam Global Income Trust, Putnam Diversified Income Trust, Putnam Premier Income Trust, and Putnam Master Intermediate Income Trust. Mr. Davis has been in the investment industry since he joined Putnam in 1999.

Funds managed

Fact sheet Annual Semi annual Compare
Diversified Income Trust
5-year Morningstar rating among 168 funds in the Nontraditional Bond category.
Global Income Trust
overall Morningstar rating among 93 funds in the World Bond category.
10-year Morningstar rating among 68 funds in the World Bond category.
5-year Morningstar rating among 243 funds in the World Bond category.

Closed End Funds

Master Intermediate Income Trust
Premier Income Trust