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Tax planning insights under the new tax laws

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    New tax law influences individual planning

    Individuals may consider various strategies for charitable giving and financial planning in the new tax environment.

    Tax reform creates new deduction for small businesses

    Understanding the new 20% deduction for business income is key for small business owners.

    Estate planning remains vital

    Despite higher exclusion levels for federal estate taxes, estate planning remains vital for taxpayers.

    Many deductions changed in new tax law

    The standard deduction doubles while some popular tax deductions are limited or eliminated by tax reform.

    Tax rates lowered, deductions limited in tax law

    The tax reform law lowers tax rates and imposes new limits on many deductions.

    College savings plans offer tax advantages

    Explore tax-advantaged savings when planning for college.

    $30T in wealth transfer creates opportunity

    Advisors may consider expanding their value proposition and professional network to grow their business.

    Top strategies for advisors when heirs inherit wealth

    Learning about an investor's family can help advisors connect with the next generation.

    Social strategies for meeting the next generation

    Start with social media and expand to social events to reach out to the next generation of clients.

    Use family meetings for more effective wealth transfer

    Hosting a family meeting can help investors and their children focus on values, planning issues, and philanthropy.