Top podcasts for financial advisors

With 67 million Americans listening to podcasts monthly, financially focused podcasts are numerous — even FINRA has them. These podcasts offer interesting, fun, and thoughtful ways to examine and discuss financial and investing themes.

Freakonomics Radio

In this award-winning podcast, host Stephen J. Dubner, co-author of “Freakonomics,” shares everyday life stories and their economic implications. Recent topics include innovation, lack of productivity growth, and “How can I do the most social good with $100?” While this isn’t solely an investment-focused podcast, advisors looking for general information on the economic aspects of crime, parenting, sports, and life will gain a new perspective from this podcast.

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401(k) Fridays

Host Rick Unser, a 10-year retirement plan consultant, provides strategic educational content that helps companies of all sizes improve their retirement plans. Through interviews with industry experts, including recent guest Putnam CEO Bob Reynolds, 401(k) Fridays provides best practices and valuable perspectives on retirement-related issues. This podcast is especially recommended for retirement plan advisors.

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Adventures in Finance

Financial personality and 30-year industry veteran Grant Williams discusses investing ideas and themes with renowned industry experts. “Adventures in finance” is more technical than podcasts like “Freakonomics,” diving deeper and exploring themes that are geared toward savvy investment professionals.

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Planet Money

Planet Money uses a storytelling format to explore financial themes. Recent topics include “The Free Food Market,” which takes a look at the supply chain for America’s food banks, and “The Tax Plan is Huge,” which looks at the financial implications of the tax-reform bill.

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Your Money Matters

The Wall Street Journal provides its take on global market news, the economy, and personal finance. Recent topics of this weekly podcast include tax reform, holiday spending, cryptocurrency, and retirement — offering insight on how each topic ripples through the U.S. economy.

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Odd Lots

This weekly offering from Bloomberg dives into a wide range of topics — algorithms, currency, ETFs, and more — and encourages the audience to think critically.

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