Growth Opportunities Fund

We use deep, thematic research to harness the growth potential of large U.S. companies

This fund received a Overall Morningstar Rating out of 1,236 funds in the Large Growth category as of 08/31/19.

Seeking durable growth

Portfolio Manager Richard Bodzy and a team of analysts look for companies across a range of sectors that offer durable long-term growth prospects. They look for high and accelerating capital returns and the ability to grow at above-market rates. They also target companies with an ownership culture — businesses whose managers act like owners and whose interests are aligned with shareholders.

Growth opportunities include:

Revenues growing faster than the market

Underappreciated value drivers

Operating momentum

Ability to deploy capital efficiently

Examining downside capture

Richard and his team analyze prior cycle downside capture — how companies have performed in earlier market declines. They use this research to help identify higher quality businesses, industry leaders, and market share gainers with a high percentage of recurring revenues.

Conducting theme-based research

Investment opportunities emerge from a wide array of themes

Richard Bodzy works with a team of analysts to develop investment themes and find broad areas of opportunity, and then narrows his focus to identify companies that he believes have fundamental strength, a competitive edge, and the potential to produce strong profits.




Investment opportunity

Personalized medicine

Growing demand for treatment of rare diseases and conditions

Customized approaches based on an individual's specific needs

Companies such as those specializing in gene therapy

Increased screen time

Rapidly growing use of bandwidth and demand for content

Technology that enables and supports content across multiple platforms

Hardware, internet, IT security, and software firms

We seek businesses that could become disruptors in their industries with innovative products and services, and significant growth potential.

Richard E. Bodzy, Portfolio Manager

13   years in the industry

10   years at Putnam Investments
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