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Municipal bond research focus

The tax-exempt team analyzes opportunities across a municipal bond market with $4.04 trillion in investment opportunities. Among their research criteria, they consider:

Identifying fundamentally sound issuers and relative value opportunities with a $4.04 trillion market

Read more about how a tax-exempt investing team uses research to discover actionable insights that drive their investment decisions.

    Municipal bonds vs. inflation

    After-tax returns of munipal bonds have outpaced inflation in 18 of the past 25 years and have outpaced CDs in 20 of the past 25 years.

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    Fixed Income Outlook

    Analysis of global bond markets and currencies from the investment leaders of Putnam's Fixed Income group.

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    Quarterly fund commentary

    Tax-free income funds

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    Invest for tax-free income with an experienced team

    Unlike Treasuries or corporate bonds, the interest paid on municipal bonds is free from federal and, in some cases, state and local income taxes. That can make municipal bonds particularly attractive to investors subject to higher personal income tax rates. Income from municipal bonds may be subject to the alternative minimum tax.

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